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Lars | 04.11.2012 um 02:53

"Hey mate, how u doin'?"

You will hear this everywhere, at the bathroom as well as at the front desk of the Queensland department of transport and main roads! Now I have great news as my tax file number has been issued on Friday and I received my debit card yesterday. Furthermore some other backpacker gave me a hint for finding a farm job and then the phone number of an onion farmer 500km east to Brisbane (4487 St George, OUTBACK!) who told me he could use another German hard working backpacker, so here I am! :D


I'm planning to leave for St George on Wednesday as I am still awaiting an important mail from Germany. This miserable situation appeared due to the fact that (once again) I didn't know where some certain object of my property was located at the moment. When looking for it all night didn't succeed I had to face it, I had lost my wallet. Actually I hadn't but at that moment I didn't know. So I then had my credit card blocked and am now waiting for the new one. Funny thing.


And there is another funny story, happened this morning. I already got quite used to appearing at the reception every second morning, extending my stay at the Chill Backpackers for another 2 nights, making a compromise between staying flexible to leave whenever I want and getting a discount on booking multiple nights. However today morning I did realize that on of these mornings had arrived, unfortunately not until I was under the shower, already 30 minutes late for the Ceckout. I popped out of the shower, ran for my wallet (I really did know where it was!!!) and queued at the reception, only having my towel put on. Sorry girls, missed to take a photo... ;) Half naked between some astonished backpackers I then was told to come back tomorrow as my booking lasts one more night... goddamn I gotta improve this forget-thing! -.-


I haven't seen a Kangaroo so far! And I bought a Boomerang! :D It's going to be fun in St George...

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